(In)Decency and Healing

Good evening. This is my first (yes, it really is the first) attempt at a blog and/or a blog post. Just that you know. The above post really was just a filler to show that something will actually appear here.

So, without any more fillers, let us head into the deep end.

I have been pondering for a while (well..again triggeredby this post which started this blog) what is decent or indecent for a healer. Funny enough, it seems that it is easy to define the indecent part. It is obviously indecent to stand around and admire the scenery while your tanks health takes a dive. It is also unarguably indecent to yell at him (or her) afterwards for not watching and being so squishy. I could probably list a lot more here, but i rather leave the list short – after all, there is a decent (hey, that word again) chance that i have done one or the other (or all) over time.

So, is it safe to assume that decent behaviour for healing can be defined as “anything which is not indecent” ? I am a mathmatical sort of person, so this definition would suit me rather well. Unfortunately, there are indications that this is wrong. So there goes my easy mode approach. So what is decent behaviour ?

– keeping the tank alive. That is decent. Except when the tank decides to wear his special paper plate.

– keeping the dps alive. That is also decent. Except when the dps decides to a) wear her rabbits ears instead of a helmet, or b) rip aggro from the tank with his paper swords and sort of forgets about aggro dumps.

– lets not forget this – staying alive so that the two above are even possible. Also clearly decent. (wow – i found one)

(by the way, there are a lot more things which are decent – not running around naked and such – but that is not what this is about, right?)

But honestly, this cannot be all. Looking back at last nights attempts with heroics, i am sort of wondering.. was that decent ?

In a random group with a hunter, a rogue, a mage and a warrior tank we tried to tackle halls of reflection heroic. The first attempt went.. well, that already says all the good things. My UI borked and i couldnt see the health bars, but the tank decided to pull anyhow. The result was sort of obvious – a quick wipe. The next wipe followed shortly after – healing using the default raid frames is.. painful. Having had a tank who did not keep aggro well did not help. Having a rogue who loved to grab aggro sure did not help either.

So what is the decent thing to do. Of course it was hard to keep people up, and i succeeded, failing only on the third of the items mentioned above – Some of the spirits decided to change tactic, ignore the tank and do a beeline for the healer – with the expected result. And the result of the wipe was clear too. Apparently, i was being indecent by dying. The tank was the first to go with the mage being right behind him. The Rogue waited 20 seconds before he ran off.

That the hunter stayed was perhaps mostly caused by the fact that he is in the same guild as my healer is – so there.

Oh.. and by the way, none of them had the decency to comment before leaving.. it was more a.. plop we are gone scenario.

So yeah – it was probably indecent of me to get bugged. But i am sure that is not why they left. I am sure they left because this indecent healer couldnt keep them all up.

In the end, we proceeded to run through Uthgard keep, which had me yawn throughout the entire run. People just didn’t seem to take any damage. How indecent of them 🙂

So.. the bottom line is – whatever is really decent healing largely depends on your environment. And let’s face it, that does include the rest of the group.


2 Responses to “(In)Decency and Healing”

  1. December 22, 2009 at 18:39

    Slow commenting is slow! Congratulations on your first post 🙂 Hope it was as fun to write as it was to read, and I hope it’s inspired you to continue. But I promise not to blog-nag you.

    I think you nailed it at the end there – I suppose for me ‘decent’ healing can only arise from interconnectedness – it’s hard to be decent in a vacuum, and perhaps the only thing you can do when everyone around is behaving badly is get out of there as politely as possible.

    For what’s it worth, I always enjoy healing with you – I don’t know if it’s just because I’m more familiar with the way pally healing works compared to other types (disc healing for example) or because I know you a little bit better than some of the other healers but I always feel like I am a more ‘decent’ healer when I’m healing with people I trust and like playing with.

    • December 22, 2009 at 22:55

      Well.. it was fun to write, true. But it did take a wee bit long, so that has to improve. Also, i agree – knowing the people around you has a lot to do with comfort, especially when healing in a larger group. And i feel similar when healing with you – i would say it is a trust issue, for sure.

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