Breaking it

Yes, this is yet another rant about the idiocies of the sanity tap. And i still have a lot of trouble understanding it. But lets start in the beginning.

We did attempt another pug recently (we being me and 2 guildies), and after not too long a wait we saw the oculus loading screen. And when the instance finally loaded, the tank had (who is surprised) gone. That is only mindly surprising. After all, Oculus seems to be the one instance which completely breaks the pug tool.

So, we waited. Not awfully long, and we had a dk tank. And i thought this might actually work out, until the first pull. He proceeded to ask ‘rdy?’, and when one out of four said ‘y’ he ran off and pulled. Note – the one saying ‘y’ was not the healer. And there were no buffs passed out. Granted, if you are sufficiently overgeared, buffs make little difference, but it would still have been an interesting concept to wait for the healer before diving into the fray.

Oh well. We lived. After all, we were (with one possible exception) overgeared for this place.

So everything goes smoothly until we hit the spot where drakes are chosen. The choices were rather obvious. Random dk tank took a red drake. Random shadow priest took an amber drake. We did let them know that one of us was new to this, and needed a little help to get along, but i have my suspicions if any of them read that. So, we ended up giving “new guildie” an amber drake, and a 2 line introduction into how to use it, and took 2 greens ourselves. In the meantime, tank and priest had vanished into the blue, i.e. flown off to somewhere, and again we were left to scramble after. And of course with the expected result. I mean, oculus is a confusing instance, if you have an idea where to go. It is madness if you are there for the first time. So, our amber drake took a dive.

While sitting on a platform to wait for the lost one to return, the dk and priest proceeded to nag about ‘gogogo’ and ‘rdy’ and such. Again, we let them know that our missing friend may need a little guidance, and that their healer was currently busy providing that. Did that stop them from pulling ? Of course not. You might have thought they didnt even read it.

Things went on in the same way. The next 2 bosses were downed with more than the needed trouble, and of course without the (requested) time to explain the mechanics to our new friend. And as expected, she took a nap again in both cases. Not that this had any effect on our pugged tag team.

By the time the big drake was the target, things had not really improved. Again, there was no time for explanation, noone sort of bothered to mention what to do and how to do it, so the first attempt was a wipe. A quick wipe. And the guy with the red drake mumbled about ‘heal me heal me i cant do this without heals’. That the healer may not be ready, because there were explanations done never seemed to have to occurred to him.

Unfortunately, we also ended up bugged, and i got resurrected to the top platform, but still lost my drake summoning thing. After mentioning that a few times in group chat, there still were several comments of “everyone on drake” and “paladin, why no drake” and such. Fortunately, this is not really an issue, as an icc ready healer (yours truly) can keep the drakes alive with normal heals just fine.

Still, there was another wipe, for 2 reasons. Reason 1 – the healer got aggro. This does not happen if the tank does things right in this encounter. Reason 2 – people did not fly away. So, in the first shift, the healer died (and the rest followed)

At this point, noone should be surprised that the tag team left with “fuk tis, newb groop”.

We at least were not. But we did go on with our three drakes. Granted, we swapped to 1 red one amber one green, but 3 attempts later, we had ironed out the kinks, and eregos went down like an overgrown chicken.

What is the moral of this ?

a) Oculus breaks the lfg tool. Too many people see the loading screen and run.

b) Oculus breaks the bad pug. Too many people just try to faceroll their way through, and latest at Eregos, this fails

c) if you want to successfully do it, get 2 trusted friends, and ignore the rest. Granted, to get up to the big bird, you do need a tank and a healer, and 3 reasonably decent dps will help, but in the end, that part can be facerolled. And for the non-faceroll part of the encounter, just ignore the extras, pick a red, amber, green combo, and take the chicken down.



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