I was raiding again. And healing. And it was ok. Sort of.

A guild run through Icecrown Citadel. 9 fellows from my guild and i ran in, and some came out with shinies. So it should be a success. Why am i not feeling successful then ?

Actually, there are a few reasons for it. One was the end. We tried to take down Festergut, but he actually managed to gut our tanks with an amazing consistency. And no amount of healing could actually fix that. Of course, i was trying my best, but this time, my best was not quite enough. Not that it was just me. Overall, i have to say that the performance of the raid was ‘not quite good enough’. Not that there was anyone especially indecent. But it just was not enough. In the end, the reappearing inhabitants of the citadel and the late hour put an end to our attempts to survive being in the same room as Festergut.

But that was just one thing. For some reason, the whole trip was more a descent into some dark place. Or at least that was how it seemed.  The whole thing did not really start well either. A late cancellation and someone just failing to show up had us waiting inside the citadel for some time, while our RaidLeader™ tried his best to fix things. Several options were thrown around and i spent most of the time sitting back, idly commenting on things to one of my friends.

Once we were off, things improved. Lord Marrowgar fell apart with little effort, and Lady Deathwhisper was quick to follow, after a few close calls with her followers. Still, i felt rather dissatisfied with our performance there. Too many deaths to really claim to have won the fight smoothly, but the sheer power of the raid got it done in the end. So it was no surprise that the gunship battle went the same way, and soon enough we were standing up on the top, listening to Saurfang the older and Saurfang the younger hold their respective monologues.

On that note – why didn’t Blizzard introduce some method of checking that everyone present had already done this successfully – allowing for a slightly faster start ? Yes, it is a moving story, and i personally like finding such story arcs, but after the 20th time, it does sort of get.. well.. boring ?

But back to the raid. Once more, we managed to defeat the evil marks he threw out – despite him picking both healers for marks this time – and were allowed to pass through the door roughly 90 minutes after we had kicked Marrowgar in the non-existant shin. Overall, not a bad pace.

So.. things seemed to have gone well. But still i was out of it, and it did not really feel fun.

We ran through the fumes (with the almost obligatory comical death, this time provided by our Priest with the burning hoodie.  From there on, things went smooth until after Precious was put down. We did need to take a break, and this little healer went off to get something to drink, only to return to the high pitch blip which signals ‘low health’.

Apparently someone decided we might as well play with Stinky too, and this time, it was the dog who had the long end of the stick. Proves that even a grumpy healer is better than no healer. Or something like that.

Oddly enough, there was rather little joking about that – something which i consider unusual. Or perhaps it is just me being overly sensitive about that just now. Then came the usual 10 minute break after 2 hours raiding. It is a tradition in our Raids, and one which i very much appreciate – it gives people to do those things which would cause extended afk’s at inopportune moments else. And we joked how there was no such thing as a 5 minute break, neither in school, nor in college or university – people would always check the clock, see “oh, i was to go back 3 minutes ago, i’ll better finish my coffee and get going”. We pretty much agreed on that, so it was little surprise when the first ready check (the one to see who was back after the break, usually done one or two minutes after everyone was supposed to be back) yielded a few people being afk. But honestly, folks, what is the deal with going out of the instance, taking a port / ship / whatever to visit Ogrimmar, and then ask the raid to walk out to the stone to summon you back ?

I was honestly wondering what was going on. I mean, it was a 10 minute break. If you just take a hearth stone to Dalaran, race towards the Orgrimmar portal, click through it, and then head back to the airship to return to Northrend, you will not be back in Icecrown citadel before the 10 minutes are up. NOT Decent. Definately not. Having 9 people wait because you just HAD to check something on the AuctionHouse mid raid is a no-go.

From then on, things went down hill. We took several shots at Festergut, but it was always our tanks who ended up gutted, not the abomination. I could try to analyze what caused that, but that would really be beside the point. I would rather look at my mood during the raid. Obviously, the wiping did not really improve it. But neither did the waiting in the beginning, nor the waiting in the middle. And going through the Citadel with more wipes or near wipes on the random inhabitants in the halls than on the first four bosses (who actually should be the real challenge there) also did not really help to lighten things.

So what is the story behind this. It actually links back to Chastity, who commented on making an effort. There truly is no trying. That goes for signing up for raids.. for being on time.. for being on top of your game, even on the arguably easier intermissions between the big denizens of the citadel.. for being back in time after a break.. for all that. Last night left me with the feeling that too many people just did not do that. Or at least not consistently. Else, the run would have been a lot more fun.

But – making an effort is also true for your own mood. Looking back at this raid, i have to say that despite all these things, there is but one person to blame for me not feeling that it was fun… and that is.. ME.

You see.. WoW is like a mirror. You can loose yourself in it, and it can keep you happy, amused and all, but it will rarely give you anything you do not put in at the same time. You feel bored – well.. you will still feel bored while standing around wondering what to do. You feel moody – well.. sorry to say, but it is very unlikely that something from the game will actually lighten the mood. So, it does stand to reason that it is worth making an effort to be positive when logging into the game. Only then will the game be able to provide you with an afternoon or evening of fun.


2 Responses to “De(s)cent”

  1. January 31, 2010 at 15:08

    I am with you on this. Having to wait around at the start of a raid can start me off irritated, from which things can rapidly go downhill, and instead of enjoying myself, every tiny little thing will niggle me 🙂 Whereas if I decided to put it behind me straight away, I could probably be cheery enough to make the raid fun (if not successful) for everyone else.
    I am afraid I am guilty of afking a bit during raids, but fortunately my group understand why, and just use the opportunity to grab extra icecreams or cocktails 🙂

  2. February 1, 2010 at 11:05

    I’m right with you – if it hadn’t been for you whispering to me, I would have *hated* that raid, as it was, I merely didn’t have fun. I have to say, I was completely unmotivated as well – mainly because I depised half our team. I know I’m getting stuff out of it as well but I raid because I think it’s fun, not because of the phat lewts, and facilitating phat lewts for a bunch of people I think are abject tossers kind of takes the joy out of the whole business for me.

    In short, even though you were doing your best, I don’t believe I was – also the third healer was basically a waste of space on a stick. If he’d actually bothered to communicate with us *at all* it might have gone better. Maybe he is a better healer than I’m giving him credit for being but ultimately I have zero interest in healing with him.

    Also the general attitude to fights like Festerthing really annoys me – people see it’s all about the healers so they switch off and don’t care. Thanks guys. Last time I checked, I believe the healing team is *part* of a raid team.

    But, yes, I’m feeling as bitter and demoralised as you, and I don’t think it’s us. Or rather I do think it’s us but I think we’re looking for different things from raids than the guild is currently providing. Anyway, I’m taking a break from the whole shitty business – I’ll be there for Ulduar, of course, though 😀

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