in-san-ity reloaded

Insanity – i already posted what wikipedia says about this, when i liked it to SAN. But today, i actually want to talk about the other insanity. Or… well. some of it.
I could have written this post yesterday, and use it as my “whiney day post”. But truth to be told, i am too serious about this to hide it among a number of themed posts.

Also, this is not really a WoW post. So i can understand if you decide not to read on.

Insanity is something which seems to have crept into my life from all sides.
On the one hand, there is work. When i accepted to work in the particular field i now work in, i had an assistant, a technician, a programmer and two application engineers to tackle the projects our sales guy would drag in with. But there were fewer projects than expected, and with the economic downturn, some cuts were inevitable. But hey – slimming things down to .. well.. me. That is just insane. Especially now that we do seem to have a few projects which pay well. Just – how should one person handle these projects at the same time, especially when the customer(s) have certain justified demands ? One of the words to describe this is “insane”. And of course, the company does expect me to ‘manage’. And they cannot for the life of them imagine that i might be unhappy about this ?

But that is just one facet. There are others.

Like my cough. It is still there, after 4 weeks now. And no amount of antibiotics or other pills seem to be able to get rid of it. Granted, working like a slave and the current weather do their part towards its survival, but hey, i want it gone. There really is no reason why i should house an icky cough which just does not want to go away.

But that too is not all of it. What baffles me even more is how far people will go out of spite. It is truly insane. Lets assume there is a raid group. And one day, the raid is scheduled so that one of the group cannot go, but the others can – basically on the day when most can come, just this one member of the group is busy. Why, if not from spite, would this person now say “well, since you want to have fun without me, feel free to put the raid where you want to.. i wont come along anymore?” It is silly, if you ask me. But looking back, the number of times i have seen this happen so far (or something alike) is just mind boggling. Why should the rest of the group act on this, and how ? I mean, the one no longer coming along is limiting his own fun – in an insane attempt to “punish” the rest by no staying away. Quite honestly, the most effect that has is on the person who actually stays behind. And, perhaps, on the organizer of said raid.

Has this happened to me ? Perhaps.. perhaps not. For now, it is merely a good example of the kind of insanity i am writing of.

I just wonder what to do about it. How to combat it. So far, i have not found a good way to do it. So all i can do for now is sit back and watch the insanity unfold.

I guess insanity is the one word which describes a major part of what i am trying to deal with just now. Just – it is no fun.


3 Responses to “in-san-ity reloaded”

  1. 1 Helene
    March 19, 2010 at 21:37

    Since you choose to address the blog rather than having the guts to talk to me directly i will answer here. First of all, i already told you what i think about people who make their views and believes about other persons actions and thoughts public and voice them on a blog rather than speak with the person directly. Since you still choose to air your assumptions here you show me disrespect. I can live with a lot of things but disrespect is not one of those things.

    Not only do you show me disrespect, you are also wrong in your assumptions.

    By the way, this is not a whiny post, this is a ‘screw you and your public whining’ post.

  2. 2 Nichy
    March 22, 2010 at 13:51

    The cough’ll eventually clear up, mine’s just going now.

    As far as the raid thing goes, it’s one of those things. We’ve had situations before where person X wouldn’t raid without Y. It’s simply unmanageable to ensure you can meet everyones wants, needs, and desires in a guild since everyone wants similar things, but slight differences in days, times, even compositions. So you end up going with what the majority want and can do. Then you suck for making the call. Sad, but an inevitability of juggling chainsaws.

  3. 3 Tam
    March 23, 2010 at 11:49


    Insanity spreads, I think, when one aspect of your life goes bum end up over a barrel things that wouldn’t normally bother you start to SEEM MUCH WORSE.

    *many more hugs*

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