About this Blog

This blog (hopefully) will focus on anything healing in World of Warcraft, mostly from the perspective of a paladin healer. Most posts will line up around one center issue – decency – in all its shades (After all, it was inspired by a comment on how “2 decent healers and 2 decent tanks and 6 decent dps should be able to do this”). This means you can expect the question of decency appear in most posts. As such there will be two major categories – decency and indecency, to qualify the topics of the posts.

About me

I am an engineer, working mostly with optics and automated inspection. I play WoW on Argent Dawn (EU) with a number of characters. The main character (and source for many of the blog post topics) is Lleleth, a level 80 blood elf Paladin. Aside that, i also play other games (with and without computers), do Archery (when i can), dabble in Photography, and generally enjoy being “a gadgety nerd”


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