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Surprises from the Sanity Tap

Right – this was definately a surprise. I did take a sip from the sanity tap, expecting the usual mix of running, being yelled at, and so on. Truth to be told, it did start like that.

HoL was the poison of choice. The first hurdle was the instance server dance. It took a few rounds, but then that particular enemy was defeated :). From then on, things didn’t go too badly. Clean pulls, no deaths, first boss down like a charm.. and then.. no more tank.

Who knows if he felt under-healed, or over-geared, or just was bored. He was gone.

This was where the first surprise hit. The four remaining just kept going through the trash towards the second boss.. or rather… the boss lady. By then, a new tank was found, who was a newly risen tank with assorted blues and without being defcapped.

And this is where the second surprise hit – he was not thrown out. Nor was he underperforming. He simply tanked her. Granted, it required more than just decent healing, but in the end, that wasn’t much of an issue.

After that, on we went, and the tank did what tanks do best – run ahead. And of course he died. But lo and behold – he simply said “well ,that was the first death in 8 heroics” and laughed it off. The by far better tank ready bear in the group let him have the pleasure of tanking, and the rest of the run actually went off without a hitch.

I guess this time i had one of the more sane moments. And a decent group. Yohoo..